Self Defense Confidence Builder

On September 30, 2017, my husband John Noonan (developer and president of the Highway Holster Mount) and I attended a course titled “Realistic Self Defense/Concealed Carry Course” at the Police Hall of Fame Academy in Titusville, FL with Paul Pawela, NRA Firearms Instructor with Assault Counter Tactics. I had anxiety and lack of confidence going into the course. The course taught me first and foremost, safety of a firearm! Holster, holster, holster! The more the gun was handled, reloaded, and holstered, the more confident I became. Many drills in different situations built upon the experience. One of the best scenarios was putting “drunk” goggles on to try to aim and shoot. That was not as easy as it seemed! Those goggles were intended to show impairment as in being shot and losing blood and still able to shoot. It’s instinct! Point and aim with your senses. The class lasted 3 hours and I came out of the class with the confidence I didn’t have going into it! I would highly recommend this course! If interested please visit

Donna Noonan
RYDEN Enterprises