Vehicle Holster Mount: Conceal Carrying On The Road!!

Are you Ready for the Road?

The Highway Holster Muti-Mount allows you to “Be Ready for the Road”! No more discomforts of carrying items in your pockets or waste band while driving a vehicle. No more wedging items between the seats to keep items near you. Securely mounts to most seat configurations and is placed within the space between the seat gap. Provides a mounting platform for a handgun holster or other items that are used for self-defense in a vehicle. This innovative mount design MOVES WITH THE SEAT for CCP or LEO personnel to holster firearms in a vehicle. No other system compares to this product when carrying a firearm while wearing a seat belt in a sitting position, such as any of the under the seat, console, or steering wheel designs.

Easy Access to Your Weapon

Safe unobstructed access to a weapon is necessary for self-defense. Includes Velcro cinch straps that attach to the seat belt receiver and base. Product components are: ABS plastic that are flexible enough to contour seat components. The Neoprene material provides additional support and is used as a gap filler. Mount is designed for most holsters with a standard single metal belt clip (1.25” x 1.75”).

Universal Design for Compatibility

Mount can be used with other name brand holsters such as Uncle Mikes, Ace Case, and Blackhawk.

Easy Installation

NO DRILLING required to install. A Phillips screw driver is all that is needed. Mount is adjustable and extends to fit most vehicles with standard factory seats or console spaces. Product total weight is 10 oz. and can be easily removed or used in another vehicle. The Multi-Mount extends 16-21 inches. The height adjustment is from 6-12 inches.

Basic Requirements

How is it attached to the seat! Our product requires: 1. Car/truck seat that has a seat belt receiver 2. Space next to the seat (Bench Seats not applicable). 3. Seat with a space next to a console. Simple to install by first placing mount in between the space of the seat or console. Then just tighten down the Velcro cinch straps. Attach support strut to the mount and seat base with the Hook Cords and Zip Tie if required. It’s that easy!!!