Gun News Daily: 4 Best Concealed Car Holsters for Your Vehicle

Gun News Daily included Highway Holster rated us number one on their top four list of holsters for vehicles. You can see the article here, or read it below.


If you are in your car often and you don’t like to wear your concealed holster while sitting, you may be wondering what is the best concealed holsters for your vehicle.

Keeping your sidearm on you at all times is the best practice. Some people just don’t like to have their concealed carry holster on their person while sitting.  It can be awkward. Seatbelts push the sights into you, your gun digs into your leg or any number of uncomfortable occurrences that may happen.


How to Carry a Gun in a Car?

After doing some research, I found how to carry a gun in a car that works best is the Highway Holster Vehicle Seat Mount. This is designed to securely mount to most standard seats and sits within the space between the seats. It works best with at least a one-inch gap to sit in.  It has a mounting platform for your handgun holster to clip onto. It is designed to allow concealed carry permit holders to have relief while seated in their car.

However, there are many other things to consider when choosing to carry your gun in your car besides picking the best car gun holster. One is the most important.


Can You Carry a Gun in Your Car?

Can you carry a gun in your car?  The answer is maybe, but it depends on the state you live in. Unfortunately, there is no one rule that applies to every state. Every state has different laws regarding carrying your gun in your car. For states that have concealed carry permits for carrying on your person, then they allow you to carry in your car.  We go into greater detail below.


Can I Carry a Gun In My Car Without a Permit?

The answer is yes, you can carry a gun in your car if your state does not have concealed carry permit laws. However, you have to pay close attention to the particular laws in your state. They are very different depending on what state you live in.  We have links to state maps below but here are a couple examples:


Can You Carry a Gun in the Car in California?

Yes. However, California has very restrictive rules when it comes to carrying a gun your car without a permit. If you are legally allowed to own a gun, you can have it in your car if it is unloaded and in a locked container.  What is crazy is that “locked container” can be your trunk, but not your console or glove compartment.


Can You Carry a Loaded Gun In Car in Florida?

Yes, if you have a permit for sure.  If you don’t have a permit you can still carry a gun in your car if it is “hard to get to”. Like a gun case or the glove compartment. This is where the law becomes at the discretion of the police and courts.  So it may be best to check with a Florida attorney to understand your liability.

What should you do if you are pulled over carrying your gun in car?  We will discuss these car gun carry topics below. As well as review a few additional car pistol holsters.


Can I Carry a Gun in my Car When Traveling?

The longer answer includes the questions, do you want to conceal it, or carry it openly, do you want it loaded or unloaded, and where are you traveling.

Traveling can have enough problems by itself. Adding a gun into the mix means doing more research. You don’t want your trip to be cut short with a visit to the local jailhouse.

Here are a few tips for traveling with a firearm. I’ve included some links to resources. Be aware, this is not an exhaustive list of resources and laws may change, sometimes frequently. It is up to you to make sure you are following current laws.


Federal Firearm Travel Guidelines

Federal laws regarding travel with a firearm are fairly straightforward. There is no permit needed. The Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) protects you from local restrictions if you are transporting your firearm for lawful reasons.

Here are a few links for Federal Laws regarding transporting a firearm:

State and Local Gun Laws

This is where things get tricky. Laws vary from place to place. If you do anything, besides just pass through a state, you must obey all local gun laws.

This is where there will be more homework. There aren’t any shortcuts. Therefore, you will have to map out your trip to make sure you stay legal:


Specific Locations

You can do some research to see if your handgun is welcome at specific locations. Based on the answers you get, you can arrange your travel itinerary accordingly.

Concealed Carry Permit

Sometimes the state you travel to does not honor your home state concealed carry permit. If it doesn’t you can apply for a non-resident concealed carry permit. Here is a link that will give you information on how to do that.


What If I Get Pulled Over With Gun In Car?

You are driving down the highway, you don’t realize your taillight is out, and you get pulled over. You are carrying a concealed weapon in your vehicle. This may make you a little nervous.

Following your local laws will help you in this situation but adding some common sense will make this an even better experience.

The first thing to keep in mind is that when a police officer approaches a car he or she has no idea what they are going to encounter. They do not know you are the good guy patriot that you are. They are trained to remember that traffic stops can end up being deadly situations.


What To Do If You Get Pulled Over With Gun in The Car?

If you get pulled over with a gun in your car, use some common sense. Pullover, to the right, far enough that the officer has room to approach your vehicle without worrying about the oncoming traffic. Turn your engine off, roll down your window and place your hands on your steering wheel. They are watching your hands as they approach. This is not the time to be digging through anything or making sudden movements.

As the officer approaches your open window he or she will probably ask you a question or give you a command. This is when you can calmly inform them that you have a permit and are carrying a concealed handgun.

Then you can explain to them the movements your hands will be making. For example, some states allow a gun to be in a glove box. Your insurance card and registration may be in there also.

You can explain to the officer that you have a permit, your gun is in the glove box, along with your paperwork, and then ask the officer how they would like you to proceed.

Some states have made it mandatory to show your CCP at the same time you show your driver’s license, in a traffic stop. This is another good time to let the officer know you are carrying.

Just make sure that when you inform the officer they can see your hands and what you’re saying doesn’t come across as a threat. Making a statement like, “I have a gun,” may not come across as friendly as, “officer, I am a CCP holder and I am carrying a handgun in a holster under my steering wheel.”


Best Concealed Car Holsters

Best Car Seat Gun Holster

1. Highway Holster Vehicle Seat Mount –

This mount is made from molded utility-grade plastic. It’s flexible enough to contour with the seat yet rigid enough to hold the weight of the gun.

It uses two small screws for support and adjustment. Mounts to the inside of the seat with Velcro cinch straps, elastic cords, and friction.


  • Conceal carry option for vehicle
  • Designed for holsters that have belt clips
  • Support mounting accessories like magnets and small Ram Mount products
  • Adjustable to fit between seats or seat and console of most vehicles
  • The muzzle is positioned in a safe direction
  • Within driver’s reach


  • Easy to install
  • Fits snug and is solid
  • Two easy-to-use, small screws
  • Firearm points in a safe direction
  • Easy access
  • Concealed well


  • Holster required
  • May have a tendency to move towards the driver seat
  • Maybe a little too flexible