Highway Holster Multi-Mount


The Vehicle Seat Highway Holster Multi-Mount

  • Designed for vehicle seats to mount holsters, electronics or personal items for Sedans, Trucks’ and SUVs
  • The Multi- Mount is adjustable and attaches to most vehicle seats
  • Made of ABS plastic Engineered for strength and to contour seat space
  • Supports mounting attachments with AMPS (Industry Standard) 4-hole patterns, i.e. Ram Mounts
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Mount is designed for single spring clip style holsters. A conceal carry option for drivers and passengers. Mount adjusts 16 to 21 inches. Fits clip size 1.25 x 1.75 inch.

Package includes: Mounting Rail, Strap Mount, Support Strut, Elastic Hook Cords, and Velcro Straps.

Mount and Holster sold separately

  • Adjustable to fit between seat or console gaps on most vehicles
  • Firearms and electronic devices are positioned safely near the seat
  • Mount is within drivers or passengers reach
  • Easy to assemble and attach to seat.
  • No drilling or damaging the vehicle interior

Our product will change the way gun owners will holster their handguns while traveling in vehicles and in their everyday lives.

The need to have quick access to a handgun that is stowed for protection in a vehicle has become more crucial in the current times we live in.

The 3 most common practices of vehicle carry are:

  • Wedging a holstered handgun between the seats
  • Placing the handgun in the vehicle’s glovebox
  • Stowing underneath the front seat

None of these options are suitable for today’s safe-minded, conscientious, carrying citizen or professionals. The Highway Holster™ Multi-Mount is perfect to have your handgun by your side in your vehicle as if you were standing upright, as well as having an unobstructed reach when in time of need when milliseconds count for survival.

One of the key design benefits of the Highway Holster™ Multi-Mount is that it utilizes the empty spaces of an automobile, also known as seat gaps, between seats, and between seat and console spaces.

Our patented design contours the vehicle seat base. This allows for a holster to be clipped to the mount and then further attaches to the existing seat components. As the seat is adjusted the mount will move with the seat.

Other benefits of the Highway Holster™ Multi-Mount include:

  • Muzzle is pointed in safe and secure manner
  • No modifications required. No drilling and no permanent alterations to your vehicle.
  • Removes in seconds to take with you if needed
  • Attach personal or electronic devices to the Multi-Mount such as, cellphones, handheld radios, knives (seatbelt cutter), flashlights, etc.

Features of the Highway Holster™ mount include:

  • Made Molded Engineered ABS plastic parts
  • Neoprene grip foam
  • Velcro® Nylon straps

These materials, combined with this design within the seat gaps, provide a safe minded, functional conceal carry solution for a mobile application.

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