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The Highway Holster™ Vehicle Seat Holster Mount (VSHM) is designed for several attachments and applications. It is the responsibility of the end user to identify and understand the state laws regarding the use of this product in the localities they may be traveling. There is a wide diversity of Federal, State, and Local laws regarding firearms or any personal protection devices which may be carried in your vehicle.

RYDEN Enterprises LLC cannot assume or take responsibility for any legal issues which might arise from the misuse of this product. This includes firearm reciprocity, transporting, loaded/unloaded carry and open/concealed carry laws. We highly recommend having a State Firearm’s License and checking your laws if you are unsure.

RYDEN Enterprises LLC is not responsible for any injury or death that may occur from the use of or while this product is in use, any improper handling/use of your firearm(s), while using our products, any other products we may sell, or any possible scenario resulting within your vehicle due to an accident, theft, arrest, discharge, etc..

RYDEN Enterprises LLC cannot assume or take responsibility for an individual’s intention when purchasing our product or for how one may or may not use safe and responsible firearm handling. We do not recommend using this product while adjusting your vehicle seat simultaneously when driving and any damage incurred to your property because of this action or improper installation thereof

The Highway Holster™ and all other items manufactured or marketed by Ryden Enterprises LLC are provided as a convenient alternative to other methods of personal protection availability and security. They are to be used at the sole responsibility of the end user and no liability is assumed by RYDEN Enterprises LLC or its affiliates except as expressly stated in our Warranty.